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Shadybrook is a gated residential community on the southeastern shore of Lake Palestine in northern Cherokee County, where spectacular sunsets are renowned. Lake Palestine is a 26,000 acre lake providing many amenities such as fishing, sailing and water sports.  It is located 20 miles southwest of Tyler , the medical center for East Texas .   Dallas is 110 miles to the west and Houston 170 miles to the south. Shadybrook is divided by HWY 346 into an east and west section.  There are 1967 homeowners/lot owners at this time.

Shadybrook offers restricted subdivisions for built-on-site residential homes, separate manufactured homes or camper lots.  Subdivision maps can be purchased from the Property Owners’ office, which is located just inside the front gate.  They are willing to answer any questions or give needed assistance.

Santa's Kidz

Santa's Kidz is a project coordinated by the Shadybrook Ladies but supported by the Shadybrook residents. Shadybrook families in need submit needs and wants for their children ages 0 - 12. 

We are having a  BAKE SALE  on November 22 supporting the Santa's Kidz project.  We need anyone interested to bake an item, buy an item or make a donation to Santa's Kidz .  The Santa's Kidz tree will be out in front at the bake sale for those people that might want to purchase items for a Shadybrook family in need.

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